Q: What kind of workers are needed

There may be a need for a range of workers, including:

  • General support services (key worker, support worker, front of house)

  • Kitchen and food preparation

  • Disability care (individual)

  • General health assistant

  • Cleaning


Q: How many shifts will I need to do?

We ask that you would be available for at least 1 or 2 shifts every week.


Q: What kind of services are likely to need crisis care staff?

There are a wide range of services that work with vulnerable adults that may need crisis staff over the next months these include:

  • Adult disability services (in ROI only)

  • Homeless services (in NI and ROI)


Q: What experience / qualifications will I need?

Staff with experience and/or qualifications in the relevant role will be recruited from the panel first. However, some roles will require less experience. Please let us know your levels of experience and qualification in the registration form so you can be well matched. We are open to hearing from everyone.


Q: Do my qualifications count if I am not yet finished training?

They may, please let us know what you are studying and how far you are through.


Q: Is it paid?

Yes, for most relief roles this will generally be between minimum and living wage. However, some specialist roles will be higher.


Q: Who pays me?

The service that you are recruited for by will engage you as a paid staff member, just like a usual relief staff contract.


Q: Will I be trained?

You will receive an induction and any basic training required for the role. You will also have the support of trained team members.


Q: Will everyone be placed in a role?

Not necessarily, organisations will only use this panel when they experience a staffing crisis, and cannot recruit through usual means. This is an emergency initiative. Not everyone may be called up. However please note that if you register and are not called, even the fact that there are people willing to support these services, does much to raise morale. Thank you.


Q: What are the precautions to prevent me getting Covid-19?

Organisations all have a management plan in place for managing Covid-19, and are working in line with HSE/NHS best practice. This will be updated when new HSE/NHS guidance becomes available.


Q: If it’s an emergency, why we do we need to get Garda (ROI) / or AccessNI (UK) vetted?

Even in an emergency service providers are obligated to ensure that people with certain offences are not working with vulnerable adults, the only way to do this is for everyone to have a check for past offences. This is Garda Vetting in the ROI and AccessNI in NI. Once you are assigned a role, one of our team will be in touch to get the vetting process completed. Each organisation will decide what offences are acceptable for different roles. Having a previous offence on your record, especially where this was many years ago, does not automatically disqualify you, unless this is related to violent or sexual offences, which will exempt you from being able to work with vulnerable adults.


Q: Who do I contact if I can’t come to my assigned shift?

If you have worked for the organisation previously contact your team leader, as you would in a normal work situation. If you have not yet started your role you can contact Caroline on 087 1357 819.


Q: Can I choose my shifts or where I work

Yes, you can. A staff member in Quality Matters (a charity that supports other charities with organisational development) will call you with a potential relief role, you can choose to accept this or not. This role obviously has to fit with your availability, work interests and ability to travel.


Q: Who has access to my information

Only the team in Quality Matters, will see your information. They are managing this initiative on behalf of all partners and will manage your information in line with GDPR. Your details will not be passed to services without your prior email or phone approval.


Q: Is this appropriate for everyone / can anyone register

It is recommended that people in the following situations do not register:

  • People with underlying health conditions

  • People with immediate family members with underlying health conditions

  • People with previous convictions for violence or sexual offences

  • People with Covid-19 or symptoms are exempt from working

Note that people will be selected based on the best match to the organisations requirements.

Q: I want to work for the HSE (ROI) or NHS (UK)


Q: I want to volunteer not do paid work 

Find your local volunteer panels below, although note that in quarantine, many of these can no longer operate:


Q: Is this initiative still operating in quarantine

Yes it is, these services are all essential, so will continue to operate.


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